Single Back Ergonomic Adjustable kids Chair

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Children’s ergonomic chair, growing with children together.  Adjustable design chair seat & back, which satisfies children over 1.1 meters, and during the growth period of 3-18 years old, adjust the height and depth to maintain a comfortable sitting posture. Ergonomic soft seat & back reduce back strain while correcting posture.  Special designed chair back, automatically adjust the support accordingto the child’s sitting posture, reduce the pressure on the spine.  Fit the curve of children’s body, support the whole body, offer a comfortable sitting experience. Let the child’s body naturally tilt backward to fitthe back of the chair to prevent it from slipping off. High quality steel tube, advanced spraying process, high yield strength, no matter if child leans forward or backward, it is always a strong safety backing for child. With gravity self-lock castors which can help children mainly focus on their study, work ect while sitting. Comes with a portable handle, which make the chair move easily. Recommended for kids’ living rooms, study areas, and playrooms.


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Height adjustable chair seat/back

Grow with children together

Depth adjustable chair seat, always keep children's back impactly close to chair back, to support children's spine

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Ergonomic designed chair seat & back

Provides extra comfortable when sitting

Featured footbal chair bottom

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Portable handle

Easyly move the chair

Gravity self-lock castors, help children mainly focus on their study, work ect while sitting

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Material: Steel+PA+PP+ABS+PU+Fabric
Dimensions: 65X47.5X82-94cm(25.6"x18.7"x32.3"-37.0")
Seat Cushion Size: 44x41x10cm (17.3"x16.1"x3.9")
Back Cushion Size: 43x37.5x6.0cm (16.9"x14.8"x2.4")
Weight Capacity: 75kg (165lbs)
Seat Height Range: 36.5-54.5cm (14.4"-21.5")
Seat Height Adjustment Mechanism: Rotary Knob
Back Height Range: 68-94cm (26.7"-37.0")
Depth range of chair seat 8.5cm (3.3")
Chair Spinning: No
Armrest: Optional
Foot Rest Type: Yes
Caster Type: Gravity Locking Caster
Color: Blue, Pink